Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Three Animals which Maketh The Tim

Tim should be spoken about in Biblical terms.
Because Tim is a Biblical figure.
Tim - The Troubleshooter.
The shooter.
The man who knows, not just how to cook, but how to set himself up for service.
Tim - the one who is coldly organized and grows on you like a wart.
Tim deserveth respect and he taketh respect - for he hath served his time in the pits of unholy Hell, he hath doneth the job, that you do now.
I worketh with Tim - and he teacheth me the Three Great Truths about cooking.

1- be prepared (work harder on prep than on service, do the real work before the cheques come on)

2 - set up the same way every day (both for service and philosophically)
3 - don't drop your guard

One of the most important traits, in chef, in a person, is the ability to listen.

Tim may think Danger can talk, but he can talk the hind legs off a donkey if the feeling takes him.
But what a joy to learn for a man who has such a passion and knowledge of his trade.
The one reason Tim feels no pressure is the fact that no-one can say that Tim isn't a good chef.
And the one reason that you should listen to him in the kitchen is the fact that no-one can say that Tim isn't a good chef.

For the past few days the presence of Tim has dominated my working life, all the time knowing that very soon he will be moving to another site, extolling the same virtues of organization and preparation that he has been extolling to me...

 ...Mike, Andy, Jams, Joe, Gyula, Danger, all exist on the periphary - until tomorrow, when Tim will be gone and one of the others shall dominate my time again...

The Three Animals which Maketh the Tim, the Rottweiler, the Carthorse and the Big Cuddly Bear.

I've no doubt I shall see him in the future, perhaps on the other side, perhaps when there is a problem, to troubleshoot, perhaps when have become the problem
I shall try to remember, I shall try to organize and prepare myself for all and any eventualities, circumstances, outcomings, ongoings and such like - while at the back of my mind I know that there is always the one thing I can never get ready for - my own unpredictability - which will rear its ugly head with no prior warning and no way to prepare for it.
There are the three animals which maketh me, too, but they are different to Tim's, and will only reveal themselves when either under attack or when suffering through a lack of appropriate nourishment.
I now have the feeling I have been trained without being fully aware of it happening.
Tim is the man who traineth.
And Tim is the only man who knoweth what he train you for.

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