Sunday, 7 September 2014

Subversiveness, the Ice Queen and the Transient Nature of Our Existence

I might be going now.

I might be going now. It's been fun.

Subversive - a person intended or serving to subvert, especially intended to overthrow or undermine an established government.

Subvert - to undermine the power and authority of an established system, institution or authority.

Transient - passing with time, transitory, not lasting long, staying somewhere only a short time.

And so that covers subversiveness, but why do I consider myself such a subversive?

I tow the line, mostly, I am good, mostly, I try to live by society's code of common courtesy... mostly.
Then how could I be, either the one who changes direction of another's cyclic thought processes, or the one who challenges the authority of the established few?

Well, I think I do have a part to play, in that, I believe in free-speech.
I believe that I should be allowed to say or write whatever I want when I want, whether it causes offence or not.
I want to be offensive, on the offensive, to drive out this current insipid government which insists on rewarding the rich for their bad decisions.

God, there was some nice food leaving the kitchen this evening, but the Ice Queen did not join us.

I first met Jo, nice Jo, not head-chef Joe, not my son Joe, not my mate Joe Broadhurst, but nice Jo, about eight or nine years ago when she was around sixteen, whereupon I almost immediately decided that she should be one of these people who would be inflicted with my "true character" that I would always be "myself" around her. I immediately and ever since have subscribed to her sense of humour and a great deal in her shared glance, which at once might communicate and acknowledge a shared understanding of the absolute and all-encompassing absurdity of our distraction-filled existence.

Of course, Jo isn't an Ice Queen, no, but a fragile and beautiful entity in the world, hurt by a private pain and cursed with a beautiful smile, but so much more as well.

But we pass, Jo and I.

We see each other at places of work sometimes, laugh, and then pay no mind to the other until we meet again. We are transient in nature
But we are also professional.
Congratulations Jo, congratulations Dave, on your engagement, make lots of babies and fill them with wonder.

It is a transient industry.
Well Jo may indeed be  a wonderful person, but probably just because she's never ignored me.
Well, there's that and all the stuff about my milkshake and all those conversations beginning and ending with "What?" or "What, I can't hear you, I'm going deaf Joe." or "What? I'm really sorry Jo, I still can't hear you."

...which brings me to my next point and next Joe - the other Joe, a head-chef and the interview...

It is on a professional point, a prudent decision and perhaps a conflict of interests which Joe has respectfully declined to be interviewed by me and I completely agree with his decision.
However, this won't stop me requesting an interview with Graham - the head chef I had worked under before writing and compiling my short book of poetry and prose: Lyrical Salads and Literary Vandalism.

The Transient Nature of Our Existence - the short time in which we have to pass through this window, the short time in which we have to enjoy this window, the very short time we have to remember this window, the short time in which we have to build this window, the short time in which we have to pass through this....
I may be leaving the Boathouse Team soon, you know to pursue other matters.
"My Goodness!" I hear you say.
"What other matters could be as important as you following your dream, to work, to create the material to write this column?" I hear you say.
"You're leaving us?" I hear you cry.
"To pursue what?" I hear you ask.
"Death," I say solemnly, "I am pursuing death."

There is no more fun now, no oddly-shaped sweet-potatoes hanging out of Danger's apron to frighten the girls.

"I am leaving to pursue Death," I say.
"I understand," nice Jo says, "but I don't understand."
"That's why you're nice Jo," I say.
"I'm not nice," Jo went on...

And the reason I can continue to wear the badge of the subversive, is that I am brutally and unashamedly honest.

I did not want this to become a joke. though I wanted it to be funny. But throughout the pieces, I wanted somebody to find something moving, something heartfelt, something empathetic.
Something moving.

Subversiveness and the Transient Nature of Our Existence... Ha!
Good luck, Jo, good luck Dave...

I might be going now.

I might be going now, Jo, Joe, Joe, it's been fun...

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